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wAsTiNg WoRdS oN lOwEr CaSeS aNd CaPiToLs. . . [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Princess Tori

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a survay thing. . .i hope i did this right [Apr. 9th, 2005|09:36 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |the postal service- nothing better]

i was bored like 5 minutes ago so i decided to do this thang. . .no ones gunna read it cept steph and she already knos it all but w/e it gave me sumthin to do

a little bit about me. . .Collapse )

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check out my pearly whites [Apr. 4th, 2005|08:27 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |everclear- wonderful]

woah shit no more braces! my mouth feels slippery its crazy. i am now a fuckin hottie haha just messin i think i look funny without em but i guess ill get used to it
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today wuldda been 4 months psh fuck it all [Apr. 3rd, 2005|09:20 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |angryangry]
[Current Music |my chemical romance- im not ok]

i hate some ppl. . .i actually hate lots of people. . .but i realized that i dont hate them all the time, i just hate them at times. . .i mean i dont like most people for a bunch of reasons but i like certain things about everyone, so i guess i cant say i hate everyone but most people i dont like and im just now realizing it. man, i truley want sumthin else. . .
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how does a brain even think?? its not like a thought is an object, i dont get how they do it. [Mar. 22nd, 2005|05:09 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |exanimateexanimate]
[Current Music |third eye blind- semi-charmed life]

ive been thinking so much latley. . .i kno lol thats a big change for me. . .but not really cuz its about nothing of any importance. well here are all my opinionated/contradicting thoughts:

i guess i just realized how lame guys are. i want a guy in my life. i realized how much i like to write. im not so good at writing. my hand writing sucks. ill work on it. i like writing about my life. i dont like people knowing about my life. i need other people to make me happy since i guess i cant do it myself. i want the ability to be happy by myself. i have a pretty low self esteem at the moment. life goes on. my foot hurts cuz i dropped a 5 pound weight on it. five pounds isnt that heavy ((but it still hurts my foot)). i get my braces off soon. maybe thatll make me pretty. im not as hungry as i used to always be. i want to eat healthier. my softball coach sucks. i just got a new bat thatll help me hit liek an insane mother fucker. i want to get a hair cut. i like my hair long. i have many more thoughts that i dont want anybody to know so this is where i think i will stop writing in here. i want somehting else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life. . .
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josephs magical colorful jacket [Mar. 19th, 2005|07:35 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[Current Music |bloodhood gang- the bad touch]

wow. its been a while. im gunna start writin in this thing again. not daily cuz thats too hard and annoying and boring but just more than i have been. sooo im just gunna start off with last weekend. . .

last weekend i broke up with matt. the distance wasnt workin for him so i ended it. that weekend. . .well it just sucked ass, i didnt do jack i sat around and felt sorry for myself. . .actually that went on the whole week. . .until friday ((well thursday night)). i realized how lame i was being, i cant get so fuckin sad and depressed over one guy. yeah he was tyte and it was fun while it lasted but all fun things have to come to an end. that fun actually ended a while ago, i wasnt happy with it he changed a lot. i didnt really do nehitng about it for a while cuz i thought he was just goin thru a phase and wuld get over it and be back to how he was when i first met him. now i realize i was waiting for nothing. it was a permnant change. . . i would say that in the end of this relationship, it weas all jsut a waste of time ((and money)), but it really wasnt. i did have a lot of fun and even though it didnt really go how i wuld have wanted it to go, i still enjoyed it quite a bit. so thursday night i thought quite a bit and realized im over it. im gunna get on with my life, and that led nto friday one of the best days ive ever had.

friday was a normal day of school, because i hadnt gone thursday i didnt have to take my science test; that was tyte. then softball was cancelled cuz of rain so that was tyte too. *((i have a lot to say about high school softball im gunna write it at the end of this all.)) so i came home after school and helped my sister get ready for jr prom. i did her hair and make up omg she looked soo beautiful, and she wore the dress i picked out for her. because i wasnt goin ((charlie krider invited me back when i was with matt but i said no to him because matt didnt want me to go- laura had predicted, back when charlie asked me, that matt and i wuld break up RIGHT be 4 prom; that taught me a lesson: always listen to laura.. i wish i wasnt such an honest person, i easily could've gone matt never would have known, but im HONEST so i told him the TRUTH)) helpin krys get all dressed up really fufilled my wish of goin. soo after i helped krys get ready i went to stephs and i had the best salad i have ever eaten, and i mean it, that thing was delicious. and from stephs, she had to kinda drag me along, elise picked us up and we went to see perrys play. it was at st.joan of arch's church, im not much of a church person but i thank god i went ahah. the play was something about josephs colorful jaket, i dont remember the exact name but it was AMAZING. ((yes, im sure amazing is the word)). the kid that played joseph sang like a fuckin.. i dunno... he was crazy good, i was left in awe. aside from joseph, perry ((played the first brother rueben)), was fuckin crazy good. he had his own song and stuff. omfg im now in love with perry ahah, just kidding, but i am amazed by his talent. . .so me steph and elise went crazy we yelled for perry and got him flowers and stuff, i cant believe i hadnt wanted to see it at one point. it was the best play ive ever seen. then after the play we got autographs from the ppl in it. my mom picked us up and took elise home then steph came over to my house. we walked to nics house and brought him back to my house and we all had a dance party. it was sooo fun haha i love dance parties with steph. so after the dance party we ran nic back to his house in the rain. i was in shorts flip flops and a tshirt ahah very smart of me. then we ran bak home. we watched stand by me. . .i love that movie so much it reminds me of kristen and "the week" when me and kristen chilled all the time. . it was soo much fun. but anyways after the movie was over, laura called me. she said she was at the beringsmiths house for an after prom party. . .the beringsmiths are my neighbors so we walked to their house. laura looked gorgeous, i mean more gorgeous than she normally looks ahah. . .me and steph were soo tyte, we went over in sweats and pj stuff and every 1 there was in their dresses and tuxes and stuff haha. so we chilled there a while and said hi to every one it was fun, steph got a fre pack of gum. lol after a lil while we came back home and laura called me again. . .she wanted me to bring her and rachel sweats and a sweatshirt because she was uncomphey ahah. so we walked back over to give laura her sweats and sweatshirt then came back hime and went to sleep. i forgot to write in my journal be 4 bedtime. that was the first time i had forgotten since december. i was mad at myself, i actually still am.

we woke up at 11 40 this morning cuz we had stayed up so late last night. we got ready for the day to come lol. my sister took us to get bagles then we came hoe and stephs dad and elise came and got us because, yup thats right, we went to perrys play again at 2! colleen moen met us there ((matts cuzin who was on my softball team, shes how i met matt in the first place, duh)) and we watched his play again. it was just as extraordinary as it was last night. . .we got pictures of us and perry and stuff lol dont tell perry this but we ((steph elise and i)) are gunna make shirts tomorrow to wear to school on monday that say: "the thirteenth brother" and "we love brother rueben" and wer gunna put a pic of him in his costume on it haha omg its gunna be sooo tyte. but yeah so after that i came home and showerd because im now waiting for colleen to finish babysitting so she can come over and spend the night. woot woot! haah ok well that wraps up- for now- the best weekend ive had for a long time.

*about highschool softball- my coach doesnt give a shit about outfield, or the whole fuckin team for that mattter. we are a pretty good team, not wonderful, but good enough to win a hell of a lot. he puts ppl in the wrong positions, doesnt know what sign he is givin us when we bat, he blames us for stealing a base and getting out when its his fuckin fault and doesnt wanna admit it- even though if we hadnt gone for it h wuldda yelled his fuckin brains off at us because we didnt go. . .wow im so pissed about it all. at practice he will tell the outfield to just go throw a ball around untill he needs us. . .im like u kno what, fuck this, i want to be an outfielder, if yer not gunna help us get better IM gunna take the outfield and work with them until theyr all better because right now, they need help. shit i even need help but if hes not gunna pay attention to us im gunna take charge and make it happen. uh! whatever im gunna stop talkin about it, i just get all mad and feel like throwing sumthin.
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change [Jan. 17th, 2005|05:10 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |gloomygloomy]
[Current Music |derek and the dominos- layla]

i dont notice much, its really annoying sometimes. like my mom like a year ago got her hair chopped off and i didnt notice till the next day even though she had been hinting to me like all day that she cut it. . .i dunno i really wish i noticed more. i dont notice when small changes in life are going on. . .it was liek i woke up this morning and realized EVERYTHING is different, even me. . .i really dont liek this feeling, i cant explain it im sorta depressed about it but i wuldnt say im depressed. . . i cant explain it at all really but i dont like it.
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mammoth [Jan. 16th, 2005|10:11 pm]
Princess Tori
wow. . i have LOTS to say. . . so much that i dont kno if i can remember all of it, actually i kno i cant. . .well here goes. . .

the day after christmas i woke up at 4:30am cuz i had to leave the house at 5 cuz my grandma was drivin me to about magic mountain to meet up with matt and his fam. so we leave the house and in the car i read and slept and whatnot all the way to magic mt. we met up with matt at ihop and loaded my fat suitcase and all my junk into their car. then we left on our way to mammoth. in the car we talked for a while and decided to watch dodgeball haha. by the time that ended we were in the mountains almost to snow. we got lunch at mcdonalds then drove and talked more. it was funn. . .then we went to the rental place to rent jamie ((matt's sister)) kellie ((matts sisters friend)) and me a snowboard while matt and his mom went back to the condo and unloaded all our suitcases. then they came back and picked us up and we went to the condo and put our stuff away. we went to the grocery store to get food then we came back to the condo and matt tried to teach me a little in the condo how to snowboard cuz i had never gone be4. then i dont really remember what we did the rest of the day but it was a fun first day there.

the next day we woke up sorta early to go snowboarding. we ate breakfast then matts mom drove us up the mountain and

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tori is very lazy [Jan. 10th, 2005|07:46 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |red hot chilli peppers- fortune faded]

i still gotta update this and write about my trip to mammoth with matt, but theres sooo much to write that ive been reeeeaaally lazy latly and have neglected to do so. the update will happen tho, just at a later time.
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a lot [Dec. 24th, 2004|12:16 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]
[Current Music |21 questions- 50 cent]

wow where to start. . . well its christmas break and it has been the best break ever (besides the fact me steph laura and kristen never went christmas caroling).

well the friday that school got out steph came over and we went to the airport to pick up matt. my sister had hilary over, hilary stayed with us the whole weekend cuz her parents were away. my mom had to go to my brothers basketball game and so she left me and steph there to find matt. we eventually found matt but it was way confusing. . .i hate airports. then my cuzin came and picked us up from the airport and we went back to my grandmas house (which is right near the oakland airport) while we waited for my brothers basketball game to end so my mom culd come get us. we watched tv and stuff, it was sorta boring. we finally left my grandmas and my family, steph, matt, laura, and lauras matt went out to dinner at asconas it was delicious. lauras matt left and me laura steph and matt walked to coldstone, matt paid and we forgot to say thank you ahah. then we drove steph home and went to lauras to pick up sleep over junk then we came to my house and watched stand by me. once it ended me and laura went to sleep in my room and matt in the guest room. it was a really fun first night of break.

i woke up the next morning to a text from matt sayin to go into my family room. it felt sooo early but it was like 9 lol. so matt and i watched tv for a while and then my mom asked if we wanted to go get brekfast so we woke laura up and showerd and stuff then we met my dad and brothers at country waffels. matt eats his eggs hella funny. lol so yeah we ate then laura had to go home. my family (including hilary and matt) went to see oceans 12, it was uhh, confusing. hahah i had a lot of fun tho. then my sister hilary michelle adam and jarred went to the matches concert in alameda, and the rest of my family along with matt, went to dinner in alameda as a party for my aunt whos visiting from vermont. dinner was good then we came back to my grandmas house to play games and eat cake and stuff. my dad took me and matt there be4 everyone else because. . . we're impatient. . . lol jk i dunno y, we just left be 4 everyone. and my grandma came after us and was all mad cuz she wanted to greet everyone but we got there first haah it was funny. then every one else got there and my grandma had us play 20 questions. ahah it was soooooo funny, she had a present for someone in the room and we had to guess who it was for by asking questions. so my dad starts off and says "is it for a girl or a boy?" and my grandma was like "it has to be a yes or no question!" so we skipped my dad and i ask "is it for a boy?" and she says "well maybe" and everyone was like hay u hafta say yes or no! and shes like "i dont HAFTA say yes or no" when she had just said she had lol it was soooo funny. i mean if u werent there u wouldnt think it was funny but it was. then we finally guess what the present is, matt says "is it a videotape of big game for me?" and she like shakes her head waiting for someone else to ask a question and we were liek well is that right?? and she was like "yeah." hahahah, another thing u had to be there for haha. then we played the chair game. it was pretty funny too lol. yeah but we had fun at my grandmas house. then we drove home aned i think we probably watched a movie but i cant really remember.

the next day we woke up and my mom had made breakfast. it was pretty good. then we decided to go to the mall with steph so we got ready. we had fun like pointlessly walkin around the mall and eating and stuff. then we all went to see another movie so we went to see a series of unfortuneate events. it was a good movie. then we went out to dinner at mc coveys and that was fun. then steph went home and we came back to the house and played cranium and stuff. after that me and matt watched the replacements. then we went to bed.

matt texted me the next morning and woke me up again. we ate cereal and watched the ring. then we decided to go bowling with my family and so we went to danville bowl. matt beat my dad but i culdnt beat my mom ahah i suck. we had fun. then we went to my little brothers basketball game, he won. we saw this lil slut there and me and matt were tryin to guess how old she is and matt guessed freshmen and i sed 8th. matt was right like always. then we went out to dinner at some italian place. it was really good but not as good as asconas lol. then we came home and watched old school. then we went to bed.

then it was tuesday, matts last day here. we woke up early and got ready. we went to see christmas with the kranks haha we were surrounded by little kids and old ppl, it was kinda funny ahha. then we walked around walnut creek and matt built me a bear at build a bear. its tied with love angel star for the best bear ever. it was really nice of him. then he got me candy and stuff. i had soo much fun with him. then my mom came and picked us up and we had to get his suitcase from home real fast and take him to the airport. that sucked, i was gunna walk with him to the gate but i wouldve had to be his mom ahah. i miss him a lot. well then i came home and i open the door and my sister was standin there and i was liek hi? and she was liek hi and i heard something move under the table and i look and my cuzin is under the table ahah it scared the shit out of me. lol then i look up and i see another one of my cuzins throught the fish tank and one pops up from behind a door lol it was really funny. they came up from temecual and surprised my sister me and my brothers. i wasnt feelin goos tho so i went to bed.

the days have been really long since tuesday. . . i was sick and junk haha i feel a lot better now tho. today is christmas eve ill get to open one present lol itll be fun. then tomorro is christmas and ill have a tun more to open. . .i dunno i dont really like gettin presents, i mean sure if i need it id like to get a present but i always like giving people things more than getting them. i already kno what santa is getting me. . .hes getting me snow clothes cuz the day after christmas im going to mammoth mith matt and his family. hes gunna teach me how to snowboard and stuff ahha itll be so fun, im gunna suck. ok well i gotta go pack for that cuz i wont have another time to do that. next time i update will be when im back from mammoth the day be 4 school starts again.
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2004|04:59 pm]
Princess Tori
[Current Mood |jealousjealous]
[Current Music |aerosmith- don't wanna miss a thing]

i havent written for like a week and a half, just cuz im lazy. any waysss i dunno where to start. . .

well before anything. . . i just feel like saying i forgot what it was like to be jealous. it really sucks and i try my hardst not to be but i cant do it nemore . . .i havent apprieciated the past 2 years where i have gone without getting jealous once. . . i sure apprieciate them now that theyr gone tho.

this last friday i went to the school dance. . .yeah i got my groove on. i went with laura, her matt, and john. i got ready after school at lauras. she looked beautiful i must say in my gorgeous dress and her hair all curled and stuff (laura- ahah i dont have hairspray!!! of corse its gunna come out!). But yeah we had fun gettin ready, i actually liked my dress it was a little short though. laura sed i looked like a skanky hoe goin out to see some skanky boy haha. yeah ne ways we took pics then john and matt came to get us. . . they showed up in the same outfit it was soo funny but then we took more pics and john drove us to dinner. the only person i know (besides brenna) that drives worse than my sister is john haha he has like road rage and speeding problems but it was a fun ride. we listend to queen. thennn we met scott and sid at tony romas and we all got dinner and 2 free deserts there. it was really fun but the guys wuldnt let me help pay (hahaha laura: matt- is it your moms money?? tori- no. matt- oh then you cant pay. hahaha) and, even though it was really nice of them i always feel bad when other people pay for me. ok anyways then we were late for the dance but it was ok cuz everyone was late. yeah i danced all night and before i knew it it was over. i had fun so laura im glad u made me go.

then on saturday stephs moms service was held at St. Isadore. me and laura went together. i cried, tried my hardest not to but i culdnt do it, it wasnt even what the priest was saying that made me cry; when i looked over at steph she was crying, and for some reason when i see people that i love cry, i cry too, its almost impossible not to. the only time i ever cry in front of people is when some one i love is cring too. . . im sorry steph. after the service we went to the reception thing and we ate a lot. there was a slide show with a tun of pictures of stephs mom like holding steph and brian as babies, it was really sad, people would come up to steph ballin and hug her and be like im so sorry about yer mom steph and it always looked awkward for her, like she didnt know what to do. i mean i wuldnt kno what to do if i was in her shoes, but i cant even put myself there so i dunno. but yeah that was really sad. and it put me in a sad mood all dayand i didnt wanna do nething until my sister took me to see finding neverland, which i would've thought would be a happy peter pan story but it was kinda sad. i mean the movie itself wasnt sad, but at the end the mom dies and i culdnt help but think of stephs mom.

then on sunday. . . well right now i cant remember what i did. if i do, ill add it

then was monday and tuesday and those were extremely long and neverending days. i hate it when yer looking forward to something thats happening on a coming weekend and it makes all the days till then REALLY long. anyways, then there was today, wednesday and that means only 2 days form now i will be out of school on my winter break! hopefully it'll go by faster than the last 2 days.
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